Author: Janice Czechowsky

Everywhere I turn I am reading or hearing that we are living in “unprecedented” times during this Covid-19 epidemic.  How we define “unprecedented times” may vary though from one person to the next.  Synonyms of “unprecedented” include such phrases as: unparalleled, without equal, extraordinary, uncommon, unusual, outstanding, exceptional, abnormal, unique and unrivalled. But are these times really “unprecedented”?  Each of us...

With the holiday season fast approaching, I thought I would raise a topic that many families struggle with, particularly if there is a family member who struggles with an alcohol addiction.  Gathering for a family meal together has become iconic over the Christmas season, whether that’s Christmas day itself or another day specified for a family gathering.  But, time and again the topic arises “what to do about ________’s drinking”?  This can be an all too often struggle for the family; however, the family is often not alone in that struggle.  For the individual with the issue, facing “another family meal” can be stressful, especially if they have not yet made the choice to stop using.

In the past few years we have all become increasingly aware of the different times when people have been evacuated from their homes and communities when there is a disaster.  The most recent disaster being the Fort McMurray fire, which touched the hearts of Canadians across the nation.  However, some disasters demand that we do not leave our homes at all.  It’s important that each one of us prepare ourselves ahead of time with a few simple plans and provisions for either scenario.

Hallowe’en is on its way.  The stores are filled with candy, costumes and random bloody body parts.  Haunted houses and corn mazes which are hard to find your way out of, also pop up in unexpected places.  Hallowe’en images of torn or missing limbs can create unknowns for a child, resulting in their speculation of how that might have happened.  With the time change it is darker far sooner thanjust a few weeks earlier and being in the dark can also be scary.  All of this adds up to a recipe filled with fear for our children.

Labour Day …. Welcome to the unofficial Canadian start to the New Year.  Summer holidays are over for most people and many are back to the routines that create a sense of structure for us.  It’s not just children that need that structure, adults also need it. While we are 3 days into this New Year and new routines, are there also new expectations for each family member?  New grade in school?  New responsibilities at home? Is it time to re-examine who is responsible for what in order to keep the home running well?